Clean With Ease!

When need to clean your home and don’t have a lot of time before your party……’s what you do.

5 Cleaning Tips To A Party Ready Home In 1hr!


1.) Front Door 

This is the first thing your guests will see, so make a good impression.

  • Give your porch a quick sweeping in a few minutes.
  • Be sure to get any fallen leaves and webs around doors.


2.) De-Clutter

Remove random “junk” from your living spaces. You don’t want them to appear you were just in there taking a nap.

  • Entrances, area where party will be (forget about areas where guests will never be – save those for another day)


3.) Kitchen 

No matter where your party is (backyard, front yard) someone will always find there way into your kitchen lol, so make sure it’s ready to be seen.

  • No dishes in sink – either wash or load your dishwasher
  • Remove all items front stove, and counters unless it’s decoration.
  • Make sure your counters and floor are crumb free.


4.) Bathrooms

Your bathrooms will speak volumes to your guests and deserving or not, opinions will be formed – let’s make them all good ones!

  • Get those mirrors streak free.
  • Be sure your toilet is cleaned inside and out.
  • Sweep floors
  • Place an air freshener in an unseen place.


5.) Floor Time

  • If you have a hardwood floor (real wood or laminate) – apply a spray wax and get those floors shining.
  • Vacuum your carpets in a “v” shape pattern which will not only get rid of dust, but leave a lasting impression of a clean, freshly vacuumed area.


Cleaning can be fun

“Don’t make cleaning your home before a party a drag. Put on some comfy clothes, your favorite soundtrack and have fun with it.”







 Now that you have your 5 Tips, tidy up a bit and enjoy your party!!